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Bicron makes transformers, solenoids, and sensors for use in the alternative energy, transportation, medical, military, and aerospace industries. Where system reliability is critical, you can rely on Bicron products to power even the most complex applications.

Bicron’s electro-magnetic and electro-mechanical products:

Custom transformers from Bicron match your unique application, which means product improvement, greater efficiency, and a competitive position in your marketplace. In fact, Bicron transformers routinely operate for 15-20 years or more, often outlasting the equipment they are designed to control!

High Frequency Transformers

  • High frequency power magnetics, with operating frequencies from 1 KHz to 1 MHz and power ratings from 10VA to 10KVA.
  • Functions include isolation, pulse, step up/down, chokes, buck boost, gate drive, inductors and switch mode.
  • Input/output voltage ratings up to 600 VRMS, with designed to last the life expectancy of your product. greater than 20 years.

Toroidal Power and Isolation Transformers

  • Power to 10KVA, voltage to 240V 480V 50/60hz., and isolation to 20KV.
  • Applications include alternative energy, medical, aerospace/defense, motor controls, standby power, and transportation.
  • Benefits include low magnetic emissions, quiet operation, high efficiency, and reduced weight when compared with traditional laminated transformers.
  • Custom engineered for optimum, corona-free performance.


  • Available in a wide variety of custom and standard designs, including
  • Larger units for utility switchgear, motor control, and industrial control
  • Smaller designs for general PCB mounting
  • Diameters from 1” to 3.25” and window sizes up to 350 square inches.
  • Current ratings up to 10,000A and current ratios from 10:1 to 6000:5.

C-frame, D-frame, latching, tubular, or rotary configurations. Unlimited custom and modified standard designs, and more than 100 standard units. Functions include push-pull, latch-unlatch, and rotation, in a variety of duty cycles.

Linear Solenoids
Bicron designs and manufactures compact, high-performance linear solenoids that match specific applications:

  • Push-pull solenoids
  • Tubular solenoids
  • Self-holding solenoids
  • Open frame solenoids

Rotary Solenoids
Bicron Electronics Company is the exclusive North American distributor for standard rotary and linear solenoids manufactured by Shindengen Mechatronics Co., Ltd. of Japan. This includes its full lines of rotary, push-pull, tubular, open frame, magnetic latching and proportional designs.

  • Maximum force values that range up to 70 pounds
  • Proportional solenoids, ideally suited to hydraulic control applications
  • Designs similar to existing Bicron standards, with higher force ranges

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