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Company History

Bicron® Electronics Company is a privately held, US company that was established in April, 1964.  Corporate headquarters and US manufacturing is located in Canaan Connecticut, with additional manufacturing centers in China and Central America.

From its inception Bicron focused on the design and manufacture of two product families:  magnetics for electrical power control (transformers), and electro-mechanical devices for actuation and motion control (solenoids).  Bicron transformers are utilized in alternative energy power controls (wind and solar), hybrid vehicles, rail drive and braking controls, and high-power industrial motors.  Our solenoids are found in electronic locking devices, military hardware, pharmaceutical equipment, and diesel motor fuel controls.

The experience and technical know-how that has been amassed over the years sets Bicron apart from others in the industry. From a technical standpoint, our advanced designs and processes address the problems associated with thermal rise and partial discharge (corona) in a high power electrical circuit.  As a result, the global market recognizes our products as being highly efficient with unmatched reliability.

Consistent high quality is critical to the safety and reliability of our customer products.  Bicron has maintained continuous ISO certification since receiving initial approval in 1997.  Currently certified under ISO9001:2008 standards, we operate our business utilizing controlled processes, procedures, and systematic auditing. In addition to internal self-improvement initiatives, we continuously solicit customer feedback for opportunities to improve our overall quality and performance.

1 ITARS Registration 25308