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High Frequency Transformers

"GATE GUARD" series

Gate Guard series Transformers are built from unique platforms and offer the following advantages:

  • High isolation with extreme efficiency and reliability
  • Corona-free operation to 30KV or more eliminates losses and potential latent failures from partial discharge
  • Expressly designed for robotic assembly; include thru-hole mounting
  • Speed to market with new devices by using pre-designed base platforms
    • Withstands the harshest environments
    • Ruggedized to withstand high vibration
    • High operational voltage; up to 20 KV, and higher
    • Operates at industrial temperatures; -25°C to150°C
    • Optimized for total system performance

Ideal Applications for Gate Guard series Transformers:

  • Alternate energy: wind, solar, fuel cell
  • Hybrid vehicles: auto, bus, truck
  • Industrial drives
  • Transportation: rail, naval

Real-life example of a "GATE GUARD" IGBT Gate Drive Transformer Application:

  • AC Locomotive: Traction and braking system
  • Bicron has produced more than 1/2 million Gate Drive Transformers for this application
  • ZERO field failures to date!
  • Partial discharge (corona) tested (2500 VAC min, 20000 VAC max)
  • The Bicron solution eliminated recurring field failures that cost over $100,000 annually to repair

Gate Guard series technical specifications


"STANDARD" series High Frequency/High Voltage Transformers

Standard series Transformers are available for the following functions:

  • Pulse: Ensures that the inductance remains in the defined range and avoids saturation.
  • Switch Mode: Contains a PFC Choke, Diff Mode Choke, Output Choke, and Switching Transformer.
  • Flyback: The output voltage is a function of the current retention in the transformer.
  • Feed Forward: A voltage controlled version of the current controlled flyback transformer.
  • Inverter: Generates voltages in excess of 1 KV from a low voltage input.
  • Buck Boost: Increases (boosts) or decreases (bucks) the input voltage.
  • Isolation: Generates a gross voltage (15V-200V) while providing high isolation.
  • STIM: When isolation between a medical patient and high voltages is critical.

High frequency, higher power level chassis-mounted transformers, designed for higher output voltages:

  • Output voltages greater than 1KV, up to 30KV
  • VA greater than 2KVA

High frequency, higher power transformer configurations:

  • Buck/boost inductors
  • Isolation Transformers up to 30KV
  • Coupled Inductors
  • DC Chokes
  • Inverter
  • Fully custom designed and manufactured

Ideal applications:

  • Inverters
  • Power systems
  • Motor drives
  • Inductors
  • Electronic power control systems for:
    • Hybrid vehicles
    • Rail drive controls
    • Wind power and solar power controls

Standard series technical specifications


Custom design
Bicron's custom design matches your unique electrical characteristics for unequaled performance. Isolation for operating voltages up to 20KV protects your system from sudden failure. Design and manufacturing techniques safeguard against thermal instability. Each design is rated to a specified partial discharge or corona-free level verified by 100% testing.

And our applications engineers are there to support your project from inception to launch.

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