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Current Transformers and Current Sensors

Bicron is a preferred supplier of specialized current transformers to many of the world’s largest and best known electrical equipment manufacturers.

Definition and function
In electrical engineering, a current transformer is used to measure electric currents. Current transformers, together with voltage transformers and potential transformers, are known as instrument transformers. When current in a circuit is too high to apply directly to measuring instruments, a current transformer reduces the current in proportion to the current in the circuit. It can then be conveniently connected to measuring and recording instruments.

A current transformer also isolates the measuring instruments from what may be very high voltage in the monitored circuit. Current transformers are commonly used in metering and protective relays in the electrical power industry. As components of larger systems, they do the following:

  • Convert DC to AC, or vice versa
  • Change DC current or voltage
  • Change AC supply frequency

Custom engineering
Because of our extensive design and manufacturing experience, we have a large collection of proven designs that can be used as starting points for custom current transformer applications. Bicron’s Modified Standard program enables us to modify our standard electrical and mechanical specifications— without incurring significant engineering or manufacturing charges.

This means you can optimize your system without delay, with the highest reliability, and at the best value.

Bicron’s current transformers provide these important advantages:

  • Low cost AC current sensing
  • Simple electronic interface
  • Electrically isolated output
  • No external power requirements
  • Small size and weight
  • Printed circuit board mounting
  • Extremely reliable, with high repeatability
  • High linearity
  • U.S. and international safety recognitions
  • Wide choice of configurations

Ideal applications for custom and standard design current transformers
Custom and standard designs include larger units for utility switchgear, motor control, and industrial control. Smaller designs are ideal for general PCB mounting. Diameters range from one inch to 3.25 inches and window sizes up to 350 square inches. Current ratings up to 10,000A and current ratios from 10:1 to 6000:5. All products are UL rated.

Typical applications include:

  • Current measurements and control
  • Power demand measurements
  • Current signature of motors
  • Load sensing
  • Ground fault sensing
  • Monitoring of process parameters
  • Status of lamps, heaters, and other household appliances
  • Power failure
  • Device failure

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