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Working Collaboratively to Solve Our Customers' Problems

Bicron's collaborative approach to problem solving leads to savings and enhanced product reliability. Read on to find out how we helped increase the power and stability of our customers' power systems.

  • Alternative Energy Equipment: Gate Drive Transformer for High Voltage Switching

Customer Challenge: Our customer, an alternative energy company, was using a Gate Drive Transformer design (not a Bicron product) for a wind power control system. The transformer was unstable and prone to false triggers, causing damage to the system. After months of analysis, the customer was unable to determine the cause of the problem.

Bicron Solution: Bicron engineers modeled the existing transformer magnetically and electrically. They found that the design was unstable due to leakage inductance and inadequate transformer capacitance. Bicron modified the design to stabilize the transformer, reduce leakage, and increase power capacity.

Benefits to Customer: With Bicron components, the improved system has seen zero transformer-related failures. The new design enabled the customer to eliminate eight capacitors, saving on related sourcing and assembly costs. It also resulted in fewer interconnects, enhancing the system's reliability and reducing the total installed cost.

  • High Horsepower Motor: Transformer for Soft Start Motor Control System

Customer Challenge: Our customer produces motor control systems for their market. The transformers in their motor control systems-used with motors as large as 15,000 horsepower-were being damaged during normal field operation. Our customer was unable to determine the cause.

Bicron Solution: Bicron engineers collaborated with our customer's engineering team to analyze the problem. They found instability in the system that caused voltage spikes above the rating of the existing transformer. Bicron installed a custom-designed transformer that increased power and stability.

Benefits to Customer: Since switching to Bicron for all of their high-frequency transformers, our customer reports, "There have been no failures due to circuit performance." The company has now shipped more than 2000 motor control systems without a single transformer failure.

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