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Bicron Electronics Co. Announces The Newest Generation of Corona-Free Custom Magnetics Solutions

June 18, 2013 - Partial discharge from magnetics causing corona corrosion is a major problem when designing highly reliable, long-life transformers. From spikes and surges, to catastrophic field failures, OEM's have had to worry about electrical control reliability for decades. The cost of failure can and has been enormous!

Bicron® Electronics Co. has introduced a third generation of transformers, VoltBoss™, which will not cause corona and will not cause system failure. These transformers have been in field use by major US and overseas OEM's for millions of cycles with NO FAILURES! With power ratings ranging from 20VA to 30KVA, and isolation ratings from 0-3KV up to 0-10KV, we have the technology to tackle the industry's toughest discharge problems. We have several standards platforms, or we can offer custom designed solutions for those who need it. From board mounted units to larger torroid assemblies, VoltBoss™ delivers the performance and reliability you need, and the value of designing with it far outweighs the cost of systems failures without it!

Bicron® Electronics Co., located with headquarters in Canaan, CT, USA has been supplying major OEM's engineered transformer and solenoid solutions using proprietary designs and materials since 1964. With partners strategically positioned throughout the world, we can deliver a custom solution, or a standard part which will create the value you need to be competitive in today's market place. Bicron, When Your Transformer Must Not Fail™

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