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Transportation: Mission critical power control demands robust transformer design

Solenoid applications in this segment can best be characterized as “heavy duty”. Heavy duty applications are separated into five categories:

  • Motive Rail Equipment (Trains and Rail switchgear)
  • Heavy duty trucks and earth moving equipment
  • Industrial Motive Equipment (Forklifts, Robotics, and Assembly equipment)
  • Recreational Vehicles, Busses and trailers
  • Vehicle Transmissions

Application examples include the “Jake Brake” a device that changes the timing of the engine exhaust valves, retarding engine power, door actuators on passenger trains, transmission engage – disengage switches, safety / access locks or switches, and hydraulic controls. Tubular and rotary solenoids are the most rugged and reliable with some D Frame alternatives depending on the operating environment. Modified standards may fit the application, but extreme environmental conditions and high impact shock / vibration considerations may require a custom solution. Molded and over molded requirements are not unusual.
Design Considerations:

  • Exposure to corrosive materials
  • Shock and Vibration
  • Force curve safety margins
  • The effects of condensation and ambient temperature ranges
  • Number of actuations / lifecycle