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Transformer Products for Aerospace/Defense Applications

Applications in this segment will typically require a custom solution or possibly a modified standard with significant design modifications. In either case an iterative design process should be expected. With Bicron’s various commercial EDA tools (EE CAD, ME CAD, SPICE and Ansoft), time to market can be minimized as modeling and simulation will decrease the number of prototype Iterations.

Most often tubular solenoids are the preferred solution as they are more robust with regards to ruggedness, susceptibility to contaminants, and magnetic efficiency.

Design considerations and final specifications beyond typical commercial requirements include:

  • Class 3 Soldering
  • Holding force tolerances / safety margins
  • Size and weight
  • Cycle Testing
  • Comprehensive qualification testing
  • Traceability / Documentation
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Material shelf life
  • Insulation Class