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The design concept of DC Solenoids is to get a maximum power output using a minimum size and weight. The high-quality, competitive cost, timely delivery, and wide variety of solenoid types, give our solenoids a wide range of applications. Because of their fine reputation, Shindengen solenoids are known not only domestically, but worldwide and can be available to meet your current and future application needs.


Rotary Solenoids
Rotary solenoids are designed to provide direct rotary motion. In order to convert the linear force of a push-pull solenoid into rotary motion, the case and armature are provided with specially designed spiral grooves, called "ball races". If you use a cam or a crank lever to convert a linear force into rotary motion, please consider using our rotary solenoids in your unit for a simpler, more reliable application.

Push-Pull Solenoids
Push-pull solenoids have coils covered by a metal case with a flange as an auxiliary magnetic pole, so that even a small size solenoid can generate a large force. There are two types of pole configurations as standard options: a conical type, and a flat type. The conical type is for a medium stroke application. and the flat type is for a short stroke application.

Small Push-Pull Solenoids
Small push-pull solenoids fulfill the need for miniaturizing, while maintaining high output and cost efficiency. These small push-pull solenoids are suitable for space conscious, low-cost applications.

Tubular Solenoids
Tubular solenoids are tube shaped solenoids in which the coil portion is covered by a metal case. They are designed to obtain maximum force over a wide range of long or short strokes. Two types of push and pull tubular solenoids are available to meet your application needs.

Open Frame Solenoids
Open frame solenoids are a basic, opened-coil type of linear motion solenoids. Due to their simple design structure, they are less costly, and are offered in a wide variety of sizes and types to best meet your application requirements.

Permanent Magnet (Self Holding) Solenoids
Self-holding solenoids generate a magnetic force instantly by applying a current to the coil, and then maintaining the plunger in position without applying a current, via utilization of a permanent magnets. The use of high performance permanent magnets and the improvement of the magnetic circuit provide highly efficient performance. A
uni-directional design or a bi-directional design are available to meet your requirements.

Hydraulic Proportional and On-Off Solenoids
Hydraulic proportional solenoids provide a specific stroke position which is controlled by the input current. Thus, the stroke can be varied in direct proportion to the input current. On-off solenoids are used only for 2-position control, either energized, or de-energized. By design, both solenoids utilize the outside housing as a pressure vessel which permits internal hydraulic pressure. Proportional solenoids are mostly used for pressure control valves. On-off solenoids are normally used for directional control valves.

Shindengen Solenoid Technical Terms