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Electro-Magnetic Solenoids

Bicron designs solenoids to match your specific application requirements.

Definition and function
Solenoids can take the shape of C-frame, D-frame, latching, tubular, or rotary configurations. There are unlimited custom and modified standard designs, and more than 100 standard units. Functions include push-pull, latch-unlatch, and rotation, in a variety of duty cycles.

Solenoids available through Bicron:

  • Linear:Bicron designs and manufactures compact, high-performance linear solenoids that match specific applications, for voltages ranging from 6v to 24v:
    • Push-pull solenoids and tubular solenoids
      • Self-holding solenoids
      • Open frame solenoids
      • C-frame
      • D-frame
      • Magnetic latching

Custom design
Custom solenoids are designed to match your specific application requirements, whether they are unique form factors, narrowly defined circuit characteristics, or high performance criteria. Bicron’s design tools reduce the time to bring your product to market. And our applications engineers are there to support your project from inception to launch.

  • Rotary: Bicron Electronics Company is the exclusive North American distributor for standard rotary solenoids and linear solenoids manufactured by Shindengen Mechatronics Co., Ltd. of Japan. This includes its full lines of rotary, push-pull, tubular, open frame, magnetic latching solenoids and proportional designs.
    • Maximum force values that range up to 70 pounds
    • Proportional solenoids, ideally suited to hydraulic control applications
    • Designs similar to existing Bicron standards, with higher force ranges

Get a closer look at Bicron’s electro-magnetic solenoids.

When your application requires a custom electro-magnetic solenoid, contact Bicron.

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