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Bicron specializes in high frequency transformers for demanding power applications in many industries. Here are six applications for which our products are frequently used:

Aerospace/Defense —The design goal of the power management subsystem in the Aerospace/Defense applications is the precision control of a voltage level or levels within a defined topology. Additionally, constraints on package size . . . MORE


Alternative Energy —With extreme environments and remote locations, wind and solar power installations demand the ultimate in reliability. A system malfunction requires a costly service expedition, and even more costly . . . MORE


Industrial Control/Motor Drive Control —Loads over 25KVA require secure power controls. State-of-the-art power control devices, such as IGBTs, require PCB level transformers that can withstand high impulse levels to 10Kv and higher . . . MORE


Medical Technology —Modern medical facilities are heavily dependent on digital and electronic devices, systems and technologies. While efforts are made to protect against fluctuations in the external grid . . . MORE


Power Supply/Standby Power —Precision control of voltage levels within a defined topology is the design goal of the power control/power management subsystem/power supply. The voltage is used to control the timing of events . . . MORE


Transportation Technology —Transportation systems driven by electric motors rely on robust transformer design to initiate or terminate drive voltage and to protect systems against voltage surges and dynamic loading . . . MORE